Nylo Gear Coupling

Nylo Gear Coupling
has two steel gears which engage in a sleeve of high grade polyamide material which has very good strength over a wide range of temperature. The steel gears have curved top surface to allow axial and angular misalignment . No lubrication or any other maintenance is required. This coupling operates silently and can be installed easily.


  Operating temp. Range -20º C to +80º C

Provide accommodation axial, similar and angular shaft displacement (misalignment)   

  Appropriate for vertical and horizontal application.
  Easy & effortless to assemble – Axial Plug In.
  Low weight & compact in assembly.
  Low inertia- high competence, small restoring services in case of axial misalignment.
  Preservation frees due to combination of stall & nylon (Polyamide) favorable frictional uniqueness.
  Useful for broad range of machinery and hydraulics.
A maximum of 1.5 degree misalignment is permissible. The gears should fit easily on the shafts without requiring undue force. The gears can be secured to there respective shafts by means of grub screws. It is very essential to maintain a gap between the gears.

For shock load applications use the following formula
Rating/100RPM of coupling= HP of application X 100 X F/ RPM of Application