Tyre Coupling
TRANSCO "TC" series couplings are ideal flexible couplings .

These couplings can take considerable angular misalignment, parallel & end floats and any combination thereof.

Rubber tyre is only replaceable unit which is made of Neoprene rubber re-enforced with multiple layers of rayon cords.
Selection Procedure :
Determine the Service Factor applicable to the Driven Machines / Prime Mover combination.
  Multiply the normal Running Power by the Service Factor to determine the Design Rating of the coupling by the following formula :-
Design Rating in HP/100 RPM = Actual HP X SF X 100 Actual RPM
  After determining the design rating, select coupling from Rating Table. Check from the table that the selected size can accommodate the required bores. If not, go in for next higher size that suits.
"TC" series Tyre Couplings
"TC" series Tyre Couplings is a tested and proven range of flexible couplings in conventional design. The full range of standard sizes covers continuous torque rating upto 1250 kg m.
Other Series
  "DG" series Tyre Couplings
  "PX" series Tyre Couplings
  "PH" series Tyre Couplings
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PH Series TC Series 1 TC Series 2 Flexible Tyre Coupling